Axminster Landscaping Project



Cost Bracket

£20 – £30K


4 Months

Project Brief

Tony and June reached out to us in the hope of being able to do something drastic with their garden. They had recently renovated the house throughout and the garden was the last and most challenging aspect of their entire project. 

They didn’t have any specific plans or ideas and came to us for help with the design and to work with them and turn the space into something extraordinary. 

Our Process

We needed to get the area back to a blank canvas and this meant removing over 400 tonnes of concrete, stone and earth out of the garden. It felt like a never ending task but once we has cleared it to a workable area we able to start working on a design that suited them both. 

They made it clear that they wanted something that looked smart, and was relatively low maintenance as they didn’t want anything to challenging as they headed into the retirement years. So we set about designing something that was made up of large areas of patio in Indian Sandstone with adjoining steps, artificial grass, raised planters with slabbed caps, area for a shed and a long stetch of feather edge fencing and brick paviour borders. 

End Result

The end result was a stunning area of sharp lines and a strong contrast in colours that really stands out wherever you are stood in the garden. It turned out better than the customers thought it could be and were so happy with the outcome. 

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