We began our extension in summer 2020 just as we were leaving lockdown. What a time to begin a build and luckily we found a fab building team to help us. We wanted to replace an aging conservatory with an architect designed extension, remove the old kitchen/dining room rear walls to give us a bright open plan room. Dave and his team worked hard to pin a massive RSJ up into the bedrooms above, thereby enabling the vision we had.
Richard with all his experience was a great sounding board for ideas and the main team all work very well together. Dave’s team of sub contractors completed the build with top marks for carpentry and electrics.
Finally to top things off the team completed the (fantastic curved double height) retaining wall, rendering it and slabbing +100m².
Overall Dave and his team are hardworking, punctual, imaginative and considerate (as we’ve been working from home). As Dave said before he started, “you’ll love me at the beginning, not so much in the middle and then again at the end”. This was pretty much spot on and whilst some parts could have been helped with a little better communication, overall a positive experience and we are very delighted with the build. We are happy to recommend Axminster Design and Build and we wish him and his team all the best for the future.
Dave & Laura