We had talked about having an extension to our kitchen for several years but had always put it off because the work would have involved moving a stone retaining wall of considerable length together with a flight of stone steps. We finally bit the bullet in March 2023 after talking to Axminster Design and Build and being given the confidence by Dave that it was a very doable project.
Building, or should I say demolition of the old kitchen commenced exactly on time. We wanted to replace the existing kitchen which was rather narrow and dark with a modern kitchen/utility room extension having a vaulted ceiling and Velux windows but from the outside looking very much in keeping with the existing cottage.
The team worked hard to demolish the old stone wall taking away tons of spoil in the process to make way for the new extension, a difficult undertaking considering the heavens opened a week into the start of the work and continued for the next 4 weeks. Undaunted, Bob and the rest of the team worked on having to cope with standing ground water and ankle deep mud and only stopping when it became impossible to carry on due to the atrocious weather.
Slowly but surely the building got out of the ground and was finally made watertight. Dave and the team were flexible in their approach to the build (they were working from a drawing we had produced ourselves) and came up with a number of suggestions that improved the end result. The sub contractors used to complete the build worked with great skill to ensure a superb end result.
To round things off the stone walling and steps that had to be demolished were replaced and have since been much admired by everyone who has seen them.
In conclusion, Dave and the whole team were hardworking, conscientious and considerate. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was at great pains to ensure that we were happy with what was being done and more importantly the end result. Yes it did take longer than predicted but then no one can anticipate what the weather will be like or what problems will be thrown up along the way. As Dave said in a couple of months after we’re gone you’ll forget we were ever here and just enjoy the end result – never a truer word was spoken. We are now enjoying the end result every day and would have no hesitation in recommending Axminster Design and Build.